The Story

For this project I wanted to create a satirical and highly stylised cookbook entitled ‘MocDonalds’. I was interested in creating a product that played with society’s obsession around convenience and mass consumerism alongside the popular culture of home cooking and the huge commercial value of cookbooks. Creating a McDonald’s book played with both these cultural norms; the idea that anyone would take the time to recreate the fast food staples in their own kitchen was slightly absurd, but I was keen to create a professional, appealing and potentially commercially successful product. This contrast between the absurd and the serious was what I was hoping to achieve with the project.  

I also wanted to explore photography and food styling in its own right. It allowed me to explore an entire medium that my course wouldn't have necessarily presented. So with this opportunity at my disposal I art directed and shot each food item included in the book. I wanted to achieve a dated look within each of the photographs and play on nutritive Value of the meals, with the majority of the ingredients being chemicals or preservative. This is why the science apparatus' were introduced to the shoot.